Drinktrack has been removed from the App Store

I've taken the difficult decision to remove Drinktrack from the App Store. I've not been in a place to update Drinktrack for new devices for years and haven't renewed my developer account this year, meaning immediate removal from the store.

This means that Drinktrack won't download onto new devices and your history will be lost. Unfortunately I didn't have the capacity to make an update with an export.

Hopefully at some point I'll have some time to bring it back up to date and back on the store.


Track the units and calories in your drinks.

Drink track gives a quick way to record the units and calories in your drinks. It looks nice too, and its dark interface won't light up trendy bars.

v1.2 "now with graphs" is out! Finally there are pictures to help you understand your drinking patterns. Drinktrack now also lets you set up target weekly limits and will show the current week's unit total on the app badge.

Download on the App Store

It's just four taps and a few swipes to record a drink. As we tried to select good defaults, it could even be fewer.

You can review the week's drinks, and see how you're doing over the past four weeks. You can also edit your drinks if you got something wrong.

We've prioritised quick entry. That's why there are no decimals in the alcohol percentage row. As the app therefore doesn't record exactly the alcohol in each drink, the statistics are estimates; which is important to know. We hope it means recording isn't a chore.

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store